From the border with the Natural Park Sierras Subbética, in the Province of Córdoba, the company Aroden is more than a business, it is a family. They are creators of some of the best oils we have, Oil Cladivm.

This oil is obtained naturally way, without intervention of external agents, not chemicals products providing these virginity and purity that characterizes the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cladivm. Through this process maintains a high and rich content of vitamins, antioxidants and good fatty acids from the point of view of health.

They have obtained with this oil national awards and international awards such as Der Feinschmecker Monaco (Germany), L'Orciolo d'oro Pesaro (Italy), Olive Japan (Japan), Terraolivo (Israel) and Los Angeles County Fair (EEUU ) among others. 

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It is a basic ingredient for our Mediterranean diet, and specifically this oil for its great taste, it is recommended in all cold dishes and for frying. Intense fruity green olive. Other highlights nuances of green apple, grass and alloza (almaond). Balanced. Taste is very aromatic, persistent, sweet at first, almond taste, medium intensity bitter and somewhat spicy.

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