Iberian products are the great jewel of Spanish cuisine and have national and international recognition, they are winning new markets.

In the online shop Sefoods we have big variety of Iberian products that have received great recognition and unique characteristics of taste.

Discover the most exquisite dishes of Spanish cuisine and discover the variety of Iberian products according to your taste and moment.

Here are the list of our products and we describe it carefully:


Iberian ham

In the Iberian section, you will find Sliced ​​Iberian ham acorn fed D.O. from Dehesa of Extremadura.

Of the total ham manufactured in Spain, only about 10% is iberian ham and is produced in the dehesa of southwestern Iberian Peninsula.

The quality and flavor of the ham is defined by several factors such as the breed of pig, feeding and curing. In the Dehesa of Extremadura, La Montanera Fregenal hand cut, we make our products by traditional way, curing the pieces in natural drying place of the mountains.

Iberian ham features

The pig is raised in complete freedom and for the last months their diet is based exclusively in acorns and natural grass. For D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura curing is from 20 to 36 months (settlement, salting, drying, ripening and aging in the cellar).

The Iberian ham offered by Sefoods comes 100% from Iberian pigs (pure Iberian breed).

It is worth mentioning that the title Origin Dehesa de Extremadura is more restrictive than the global rules at least 75% Iberian breed.

Reason why the Iberian ham is so appreciated

The Iberian pig, for its genetic characteristics of their fat is stored in the muscle. What makes the texture and flavor of the meat is different from other breeds.

The Iberian pig is known for its dark skin, thin and long legs with hooves dark color and a thin snout. The Iberian ham is not a variety of ham, is simply a different product, because in the case of hams, this particular genetics of Iberian pigs contrast with white hams. Also, Our Iberian ham Acorn fed has an elongated shape with dark and overused hoof, unmistakable of pigs doing exercise in the field.

This magnificent Iberian ham D.O. Dehesa of Extremadura is in Sefoods, between the Iberian products.


Iberian ham acorn fed D.O.

The Iberian pork loin acorn fed is another top quality product, which is extracted from pigs fattened on acorns in Montanera.

The Iberian pork loin is one of the most prized pieces of the Iberian pig. Its value reaches overcome the Iberian ham or shoulder ham, because we are talking about one of the noble pieces of higher quality.

Iberian pork loin acorn fed features

Its smell and taste as well as the streaked meat of fat infiltrations are own and characteristic. It is an intestine stuffed with meat , which means it is cured within the intestine as a whole piece, without chopped.

It has a firm texture and intense flavor, undoubtedly the Iberian pork loin acorn fed is one of the most delicious pieces of the Iberian pig. And now, you can get it here in Sefoods.

Indeed, recently we published an article that is related to what we are telling: The best canned products in Spain.


Iberian pork chorizo acorn fed

It is another gourmet product, extracted from Iberian pigs fattened on acorns also in Montanera. It is of the highest quality for its select lean meat and is considered as "a masterpiece of nature".

Iberian pork chorizo acorn features

The Iberian pork chorizo has an intense red orange colour, a soft touch with medium hardness, intense aroma that gently highlights the paprika used in its preparation.

It has an intense and deep aroma generated by the Iberian pork we use in production. It is the result of the family of iberian products, made following a traditional process of hundreds of years rigorous attention to detail, salt, additives and natural spices.


Iberian sausage acorn fed

It is extracted from Iberian pigs fattened on acorns in Montanera. It is a cured sausage, made only and just from lean meat, selected from Iberian pigs.

Iberian Sausage Acorn fed

It is a product without added fat and is seasoned with a home-made dressing. It has a soft flavor and its aroma is delicate.


Patatera from Extremadura Brothers Galea: It is made by traditional way, strictly following the tradition of Extremadura slaughter, with paprika from La Vera and Iberian pork meat also raised in complete freedom in the north of Extremadura.

It is made only with natural ingredients such as garlic, Iberian pork fat, potato, salt and paprika from La Vera.

It is recommended to be consumed from the first day of production spread on bread and accompany by a good wine.

Spicy Patatera from Extremadura Brothers Gala: It is a native iberian cold cut from Extremadura region. Its production, like the previous one, follows the tradition of Extremadura slaughter, hand-made. It has paprika from La Vera and Iberian pork meat.

If you are looking for to buy Iberian products, in SeFoods you will find a great variety of Iberian products with D.O Extremadura and Spanish.

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