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SeFoods expands its gamut of services to restaurants, hotels, specialty food stores and other high level establishments interested in being distributors of gourmet products.

Our market experience gives us the ability to advise and guide the new gourmet products and their selling performance and acceptance by the public. SeFoods always offers its customers quality services, about that, which may now be a distributor of our products.

Distribution of high quality products

Being distributors supply in a so competitive market where quality is a label to distinguish, can become an advantage over other competitors who are only interested in selling volume as a value on quality

Trends indicate that people want to eat healthier, less chemical additives, less preservatives in their food and where the sale of gourmet products, who have positioned themselves in the market as a healthy alternative to other alternatives, without losing its essence.

We offer variety and freshness. All our delicatessen products of different brands have designation of origin and other quality marks of Extremadura as well as national; It is why we sell the best of the best.

Direct producer. We maintain close relationships with direct suppliers of gourmet products, so you can have the freshness and quality that characterize our gourmet shop.

Variety and availability of products. We look for distributors who wish to establish a long or short gourmet food relationship to enjoy the benefit of having your stand and store or kitchen full of quality for its distinguished customers.

The best products. We have access to a long list of products that are in the top sales and are recognized by the population like high-quality and ecological. Offer the best gourmet meals to its guests.

Direct and fast ship. We have relationships with the most distinguished distributors of gourmet products in Spain, who have immediate ship and in the quantities required for your store, restaurant or hotel. We have delivery in 24 hours at the locations and addresses you want.

Contact us and we will provide you personalized attention about gourmet products, handling, distribution and storage, you will also receive advice from the list of products that found on the top of sale.

What kind of delicatessen products will you find in sefoods for your customers?

SeFoods has for its customers all delicatessen products you can imagine, because we have the largest catalog of high quality products throughout Internet, each in their different categories and with the quality seal D.O. Extremadura (Spain).

We are an online gourmet shop with highly capacity of responsive, and we delivery for all Spain, we have great variety of gourmet gifts for different occasions and packs, sets and gourmet baskets.

Our catalog of high quality products is varied and extensive, it is composed by:

- Wines and Beverages. In this section you will find all kinds of white, rosé and red wines, beers and gluten free with barley malt, handmade rum and spirits, champagne and various drinks.

- Gourmet oils. You can choose from different brands of extra virgin olive oils, vinegars and gourmet products.

- Snacks and sweets. We have organic chocolate Grand Cru, truffles, chocolates, piquitos, canned and more delights. We also have honey and jam to spread.

- Gourmet canned. We have a large stock of marine products from fruits to delicious dried boletus edulis, furthermore the tuna belly.

- Cheese. This section offers all kinds of aged cheeses, including goat cheese, sheep and cow. Hard-cheese, medium-hard cheese and creamy cheese.

- Iberians. The variety that has SeFoods of Iberian includes from Iberian ham acorn fed, "pata negra" Iberico ham industrial fed, shaving ham, slices and whole hams. Also you find shoulder ham, iberian sausages, iberian chorizo and iberian pork loin; a delight in each of their presentations.

- Smoked. We have salting fish and other smoked canned for the enjoyment of all.

- Ecological. We have many presentations of high quality products for you, your shop or business: flour, salt scented with spices and more. Remember to visit our  online gourmet store and see our product varieties that may be within reach.

Visit all of our sections and choose what you like prefer of our inventories.

Contact us, we are at your disposal 24 hours, you can select your products and fill your shopping cart. If you want to be a distributor or publish your products, also with pleasure assist you, we offer personalized attention to our customers.

We are SeFoods, The gourmet pleasure.

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